Hello everyone!

Summer came and went last year. Of course, it will be a lie if I said I have written anything else here — but I never kept promises close if I don't know what to do with them.

I have spent most of my days in a stagnant state. Most will call this a 'waste of time', but finding yourself in an uphill battle — like some sort of cruel Sisyphean imitation — to me is worse than conforming in a chrysalis.

Days like these, I'd waste by staring at a wall. If it's not working, then it's contemplating. Mulling over things, and a lot of things too.

Before adulthood came to me, I've always thought that you can always forgive and receive. You can say sorry to yourself and walk past days before.

Unfortunately, I've found that to forgive is a progress difficult to bear.

With spring about to come, words would become a thing easily forgotten.

To myself in the future, I hope you are keeping tabs on this blog! I'd like to rest for a bit before continuing my daily routine.