If you have been keeping tabs on this site (a very unlikely thing to happen). I have completely revamped how the site works!

You may notice that if you are (or were) using Lynx and browsers without JavaScript, you had to switch over to a browser with JavaScript. Now, I am aware that this is a very controversial thing for all the two people that actively pay attention to this site, as you might have been reading everything through the confine of your terminal emulator, but I have a good reason for that!

Excuses why I'm using JavaScript:
1. Faster post deployment. I no longer need to generate separate HTMLs; all posts (as you might have noticed) are now in TXT format! This makes writing posts a breeze, since I lose absolutely nothing (not even formatting or in-line JS support!).
2. I like telling people that they're old.

With that said, I have made sure that everything is still the way they are. This includes preserving 'last modified' date and such. Worry not, however, because when you see this page, that means everything is in order :)

The site now works like this:
- Index lists all post (this is still a manually-generated page)
- Each posts direct to loader.html.
- Loader.html, as its name says, loads the text file itself and parse the last modified date.

Now, you don't need to worry about breaking bookmarks! Loader.html uses query string, so they are bookmark-able, still!

I hope you enjoy reading this rambling. This is about the biggest change I've made since... wow, 2019! That's quite awhile ago.