I don't particularly like writing in a cramped space; PDA, mobile phones, or otherwise.

At minimum, I will need a laptop. A typewriter works too, but you can't really transmit what it writes to digital form directly, can you?

Now, this post is written short to demonstrate that indeed, I can ignore my fickle requirements.

Though, I'm sure getting a post longer than this will be painful.

Aside from my inane rambling, here are the few things I read, found, and remembered today:
	- The Asclepius Rod is often mistaken for the Caduceus.
	- 'Minotaur' is an entity with long and confusing history.
	- What the heck is the Voynich manuscript anyway?
	- The Hollow Moon theory sounds rad but it's wrong!
	- Behistun/Bagastana Inscription is a way to decompile cuneiform to readable languages.
	- Boogle is a wrapper for Google that goes well with my Mozilla.
	- Gryphon Morph looks cool. Too bad it doesn't run in my W2K installation.
	- Why do Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have a glamour shot with similar poses?
	- Those 'RAM' boosters in Windows. Good riddance. 
	- People should kill Flash Player already.

P.S, I have been trying to get Vim to work mobile, but using it here, I reckon, is very wrong.
P.P.S, I should re-ink my typewriter. The ribbon dried but I want to try re-inking it instead.