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Let's return home!

Woah! It's finally closer than ever!

I'm referring to summer, of course! It has been a year since this journal/blog started — and I have written a grand total of FIVE entries in total.

Disappointing, I know; I thought I can fare better, with how I usually spend my time. That being said, it's not as though I lack thorough motivation for it. Far from it, in fact! I'm always brimming with passion to write and discover words.

It's only difficult when I have to stare at a dead, blank screen — and think of words. Usually, they come to me; I don't have to play hide-and-seek with them. Sometimes they are shy, and I have to round my eyes to find them lost in the forest.

But that's not an excuse!

When you have anything in mind you want to write — no, anything you think you want to create — it doesn't have to be paragraphs; if you have the incentive to create, then I believe you have the strength to do it!

Who cares about the result? (Well, I personally do but-) However awful it turns out, it's going to be an important learning process.

Learn, and learn, and create, and learn. This will be the path you forgo if you keep your determination up and high.

This summer I don't set promises or goals. I set milestones, but not for me to pass.

This post is one of them; I don't promise anything to my future self, I only wish that they won't be disappointed if they look at me, or themselves now.

That's all for today.

Last updated: Friday, 10 July 2020