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Let's return home!

Oh yes, it's finally happening!

F-Droid is a repository of user-submitted apps, containing some of the finest works of FOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) for Android. At time of writing, F-Droid hosts a wealth containing more than 3000 apps(!) which is a great achievement altogether.

However, knowing the number isn't close to appreciating the contents F-Droid is able to provide to us. Which is why, I hereby declare a small project for my tomorrow: I will select some eye-catching (and nostalgia-inducing) apps in F-Droid. Of course, some of the apps I pick will be very novel (as you may have guessed from yours truly), but some may interest you enough for you to use it.

I currently have a few apps in mind, and as of writing this post, I can count maybe a dozen I plan to review; feel free to send me apps you think deserve my attention! After all, I do may end up using the app through the years.

Let's celebrate FOSS together!

Last updated: Sunday, 02 August 2020