Registered Name: CN
Commander ID: fce30e1df1ce06cf51ce8d8271cecd8d
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Statistics: 6 hours of playtime 1 storyline completed 3 Units summoned Recent Achievements: Hello, World - Finish Phase 0 For the Greater Good - Sacrifice one Ally Ceann - Gain favour from a Commander
This Commander is not available for Support Link or Direct Message. Gift an upgrade to help them!
Units: [4*] A-383 Arleen Lv. 2 (Bond Level: 94/100) Equipment: Combat Knife (18 ATK) Thoughts: "What!? Of course he's the best! He's my damn Commander, he has to be the best!" [5*] A-X97 Levenweiss Lv. 8 (Bond Level: 92/100) Equipment: Broken Hero's Sword (22 ATK) Thoughts: "Fufu.. Commander will surely prevail, if you ask me. E-eh?! You are asking about m-my.. feelings—?! I-I..." [4*] R-974 Manaka Lv. 5 (Bond Level: 98/100) Equipment: Heshikiri (36 ATK, 30% Crit Dmg, 10% Crit Chance) Thoughts: "Commander loves to eat my food! It's the best!!"
Support Units: [2*] V-228 ??? Lv. 12 (Trust: 77%) Story: Seize the Day (Phase 0) Opinion: "Go figure." [5*] I-922 ??? Lv. 10 (Trust: 83%) Story: Seize the Day (Phase 0) Opinion: "Oh? He's a fine Commander. Please do not bother him or his allies."

Last updated: Tuesday, 01 September 2020