You found no answer in these depths.

"Commander!" a shrill shriek comes for you. You, who are not awake, was grasped with a warmth unlike your pain.

Slowly, surely, a settling explosion comes to unravel the walls. The thick, proud walls which was once a standing guard, begun to permeate water.

The water washes the blood and gore. It cleans the history of losses and victories, muddling it with nothing more than vague recalling — for those, who survived.

You too, become the victim. No matter your heroism, the water has taken ahold of you, dragging you to the dark, cold depths.

But your heart felt the warmth. This warmth, hadn't protected you in so long.

However, were you able to protect those you care about — or do you only exist to be protected?

The sun rises. The slow, anticipating sun crawls from behind the vast, wide water. "Are you okay?" There was only one answer to the question. "We should be seeing the planes soon." As the voice said, various sizes of flying vehicles swarm a distance no farther than a mile. The sounds, as they descend, breaks the comfort of this approaching morning. "... How was I? I did good, didn't I? I know damn well you did your best!" Between the weaving emotion, there was more words she could have said, would have said, and should have said. "I'm back, Commander—!" Her tears melt the smile she had. They drop to your face, but you can't move to wipe them — neither for you, nor for her. "Are you done feeling emotional..? I made the curry as you said. And don't get too touchy feely with your Commander, I didn't patch the wounds enough." "Geez.. you can't read the mood, can you? Why did you choose to stay here anyway!?" "Look, honey, I healed your Commander. You should be grateful--" "Okay, I am! I AM thankful for your help." "--Second of all, it's not like my Commander needed a dead weight like me. Orion and V-9X5 are enough..." "I'm just saying, you should have went with them — or The Resistance, with that monocle girl!" "The Resistance offered a position, but do I look like I had faith in them? They massacred my comrades!" "I'm.. sorry—" "What?" "—N-nothing. It was just an expression." "... In any case, I'll stick here for the time being. Isn't it nice having a free Unit like me?" "That's true!" "So. Are you going to eat or not?" "I'll wait until Commander is all awake." "Do what you want. I'm going ahead." The other voice disappeared, as you are now left alone. You begin to embrace this silence; a hand wraps around you, and an ear rests upon your chest, making count of your heartbeat. "It's.. just us now. Why aren't you awake yet? Or are you actually awake and being a creep, spying on us? Heh. I don't care, but at least lift your head — my hips are starting to hurt... And that cow hasn't returned yet! Damn.. I'm starting to miss those rattling chains..." Time passes for you in this state. You are weak, frail, fragile; you gained strength in trust, and with trust were you able to persist. You accepted this fate and changed from your past. "Thank you... Commander." Ending: Dawn (3/10) * You summoned Levenweiss and Manaka * You spared V-9X5 all the time * You have spared Deich * You have allied with The Resistance * You have gained V-228's trust * You did not alter K-X83's faith * You are unaware of R-742's story * You chose to aid Arleen * Your past is still shrouded in secrecy Click to view credits.